Speed Academy

Professional speed and agility training for participants of all ages, from beginners to elite athletes.

Primary School

7-13 Years

High School

14-18 Years


Semi Professional & Professional


Remote coaching

Hi there,

my name is Chris Conradie, and I’m the founder of Spyre, where our heartbeat is speed and our mission is to elevate athletes across all spectrums of performance. My journey into founding Spyre was fueled by a deep-seated passion for speed and a commitment to coaching and improving athletes at every level. What truly sets Spyre apart is our innovative speed system, anchored in the long-term athletic development model of our unique Spyre Safari LTAD curriculum. Our approach is holistic, focusing on individualized speed profiling and cutting-edge technology to specialize in game speed across all sports.

At Spyre, we embrace everyone from grassroots beginners to elite performers, ensuring a broad spectrum of athletes can find a home here. Our ultimate goal? To make training the most fun and rewarding part of your day. We gamify the entire training experience, transforming hard work into an exciting journey of self-improvement and discovery. Welcome to Spyre, where we believe in the power of speed, the thrill of improvement, and the joy of the journey. 

Speed ‘s the game, are you in?

Speed’s the game, are you in?

If you’re ready to take your speed to the next level and join the ranks of those who’ve already chosen to elevate their game, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to embark on your journey with Spyre Speed Academy.

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